The basis of our mandate and core values is the UN’s Convention of the Rights of the Child acceded by Denmark in 1991, and we therefore are committed to incorporate the convention in our national legislation. We are reporting to UNs Committee of Rights of the Child about the conditions of children in Denmark.

The Conventions of the Rights of the Child set forth ”every child’s right to the standard of living required for the physical, mental, spiritual and social development of the child”. The convention acknowledges that the child has a right to the living standards adequate for its development. It includes some basic standards of the required minimum demands of a child’s development.

Children should have access to food, clothes and a place to live

According to Article 27 of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, children must have access to the most basic necessities. Among other things, this applies to adequate and nutritious food that should be available to the child to a certain degree. It also applies to clothes, which should be suitable to the child according to climatic, cultural and health conditions. In order to protect the child against cold, rain and wind, the child must also have access to suitable accommodation with enough room to accommodate the privacy of the child.

Children should be able to develop fully and according to their age

Besides the rights of the child to the basic necessities, Article 27 also stipulate the right of the child to live according to circumstances, which are adequate for the full development of the child. This applies according to physical and mental development but also other forms of development characterising whole and well-functioning individuals. As to the social development of the child, it should, e.g., be possible for the child to generate good and healthy relations to parents, family and peers as well as to participate in age-appropriate social activities, such as, e.g., play and leisure activities.

All children should be given equal rights

The rights according to the Convention of the Rights of the Child are for all children. Consequently, all children should be regarded as equal and given equal opportunities to enjoy the rights of the child. As such, they should not be subject to any kind of discrimination, e.g. due to race, sex, colour of their skin or family fortune. Children should not be discriminated or given less opportunity to enjoy their right of an adequate living standard because their family have limited financial resources.

We have worked actively for children in Denmark getting their own Ombudsman, as children in e.g. Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland have. Therefore it is a great achievement that in 2012, the Government set up the Children’s Secretariat with the Ombudsman of the Folketing. We hope that this will be making a difference.

In Denmark, we also have a National Council for Children speaking for the children and advising the Government and the Folketing on the benefits for the child.

We are working for all children obtaining the rights as set forth in UN’s Convention of the Rights of the Child.